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Bellwether Coffee raises $10M to bring more transparency to the coffee industry

zero-emissions commercial roaster and online coffee bean marketplace to cafés and grocers. The funding follows a $6 million seed round in 2016. Bellwether CEO Nathan  says the company sits at the nexus of software and hardware. The latter can be a tougher sell to VCs, though Gilliland said its latest

Enveritas technology lets small growers tap into the market for sustainable coffee

Demand for sustainable coffee is growing, a boon for socially conscious coffee lovers — but many small growers are missing out because they lack the ability to verify that their coffee beans are grown using fair labor and eco-friendly practices. In fact, verification is often accessible only to large

The Way This Local Seafood Restaurant Roasted PETA After They Posted A Sign Urging People Not To Eat Crabs Is Epic

Baltimore loves its crab. The city is rightly known for delicious recipes using the iconic ‘Maryland crab,’ or blue crab, which made PETA’s attempts to get people to stop eating seafood quite a long shot, to say the least. The animal rights organisation posted a huge billboard in the

Energy drinks ban for children proposed

Supermarkets ban energy drinks for under-16s Call for under-16s high energy drinks ban Energy drinks sold to under-16s despite ban Why our school bans energy drinks 'Worrying links'UK youngsters are among the highest consumers of energy drinks in Europe, research has previously suggested.The drinks contain high

Vaping on buses ‘should be considered’

For example, it said it was "unacceptable" that a third of the 50 NHS mental health trusts in England had a ban on e-cigarettes on their premises, when there was a "negligible health risk" from second hand e-cigarette vapour.What else do the MPs say?In the report they