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Does persistence really pay on the job?

While we can all recite quotes about how persistence is the key to success --"If at first you don't succeed ... ", "Nothing good comes easy" -- they're easier said than acted upon when we feel instead like we're "banging our head against a wall" or "beating a dead horse." The

Unique gifts for men: Fun, funny, and interesting gift ideas for the men in your life

Getting a gift for a man can be a tough thing to swing, especially if he's an eccentric and unique individual. (And what man isn't?) You don't want to get your brother something boring that he'd only use once and never again, or see the look on your dad's face

This quirky experiment highlights AI’s biggest challenges

San Francisco (CNN Business)You've heard of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, but you're probably less familiar with flavors like praline cheddar swirl, apple pistachio mouth or roasted monster dream. Shane, 34, posts the wacky creations on her blog, AI Weirdness, and has a growing following online among the AI community,

Faraday Future’s electric car plans are in peril

Faraday Future's electric car dreams are in danger.Image: Andrej Sokolow/picture alliance via Getty ImagesThat Faraday Future 91 electric vehicle that seemed so promising just a few years ago will probably never get made for the masses — and definitely not by 2019. The California-based would-be Tesla rival has suffered

Make people valuable again

David Nordfors Contributor Share on Twitter Vinton Gray Cerf, a co-founder of i4j -- innovation for jobs, is widely hailed as one of "the fathers of the Internet". Cerf was a manager for the United States'