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This quirky experiment highlights AI’s biggest challenges

San Francisco (CNN Business)You've heard of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, but you're probably less familiar with flavors like praline cheddar swirl, apple pistachio mouth or roasted monster dream. Shane, 34, posts the wacky creations on her blog, AI Weirdness, and has a growing following online among the AI community,

Zuckerberg gets joint summons from UK and Canadian parliaments

Two separate parliamentary committees, in the UK and Canada, have issued an unprecedented international joint summons for Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg to appear before them. The committees are investigating the impact of online disinformation on democratic processes and want Zuckerberg to answer questions related to the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook

‘The Conners’ Is A Reboot For Another Time and Place

“The Conners” is not “Roseanne.” Right? I mean, it sounds like a different show. The marquee star is gone, taking with her the show’s name; the new moniker suggests a nice fresh start. To me, just a regular millennial woman who didn’t own a TV she was allowed to turn

Roasted pig in luggage found by CBP beagle at Atlanta airport

“Our best defense against destructive pests and animal diseases is to prevent the entry of prohibited agriculture products from entering the United States,” Carey Davis, a CBP official told the station. "This seizure at ATL illustrates the tremendous expertise of our four-legged K-9 partners in protecting the United States." Hardy,