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Money wars: how sanctions and tariffs became Trumps big guns

The presidents hit-em-where-it-hurts approach to foreign policy is in danger of backfiring as rivals unite against the USSome US presidents use military force to impose Americas will on other countries. Most prefer traditional diplomacy and negotiation, or else they ask allies to help them get their way. Jimmy Carter and

Donald Trumps former driver sues over unpaid wages

Noel Cintron, Trumps driver for more than 25 years, says hes owed 3,300 hours of uncompensated overtimeDonald Trumps former personal driver has sued the presidents family business for thousands of hours of unpaid overtime, according to a lawsuit filed in New York on Monday. Noel Cintron, who worked as Trumps

Stephen Colbert Debuts His Hilarious Eric Trump Impression

On Friday night (but really, it taped Thursday), murdering endangered animals. Yes, the news broke this week that Donald Trump Jr., a real-estate heir who to have conducted an extramarital affair with pop star/Apprentice contestant Aubrey ODay, would be helping out Republicans during the upcoming midterm elections. Republicans are deploying