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Rising global meat consumption ‘will devastate environment’

Analysis suggests eating of meat will climb steeply and play significant role in increasing carbon emissions and reducing biodiversityRising global meat consumption is likely to have a devastating environmental impact, scientists have warned. A new major analysis suggests meat consumption is set to climb steeply as the world population increases

Beirut baristas try to revive citys once vibrant cafe culture

Young Lebanese entrepreneurs put coffee centre stage with a nod to the pastIn the years before Beirut was struck by civil war, the city was known for its vibrant cafe culture that attracted intellectuals from across the Arab world. The tables that spilled out on to the pavements of Hamra

The world on a plate: the diverse kitchens of Queens, New York

A food tour of New Yorks most multicultural borough revels in Latin American and Asian cuisine, but also highlights how gentrification threatens to end this riot of flavoursIm waiting for what will turn out to be the most impressive sandwich Ive had in recent memory. In the small dining room

Want stronger, healthier sperm? Eat your nuts

Snacking on nuts was shown to increase the number and quality of the sperm men producedGrazing on nuts may boost mens fertility, according to doctors who found that a daily snack of almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts increased the number and quality of the sperm men produced. Fertility specialists in Spain

How to eat like a chef for less than 20 a week

Buy in bulk, shop seasonally and eat your (carrot) greens Eco chef Tom Hunt shares his thrifty food tips, shopping lists and recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinnerFood sustainability isnt just about protecting our environment, its about protecting us, the consumers, and supporting the farmers who make our food.

Iced coffee is ruining the environment and your body

From plastic straws to almond milk, the season of cold brews is officially ruining the planetIts iced coffee season and this year, the coolest accessory to beat the heat and consume your caffeine conscientiously may well be an eco-friendly stainless steel straw. The single-use plastic straw, youve probably noticed,

Chinese restaurant syndrome: has MSG been unfairly demonised?

The additive monosodium glutamate has been blamed for everything from headaches to chest pain. Now, some chefs, including Heston Blumenthal, are saying thats nonsenseI am in a restaurant in Glasgow where chopsticks stand ready in an eye-catching blue and yellow tin labelled Ve-Tsin Gourmet Powder. Produced by the Shanghai Guanshengyuan