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The 6 Best Latte and Cappuccino Machines

A good latte or cappuccino is like a rich milky mug of heaven. They’re simply delicious drinks, and just writing about them makes me want one. Sadly, creating these drinks at home can be a big hassle. Making a barista-worthy espresso is tough enough, but getting the right amount of

Review: Panasonic Hi-Res Wireless Headphones

People complain about red eye flights a lot, but my least favorite time to board is at the crack of dawn. As a night owl, there’s nothing worse than finally falling asleep at midnight only to wake up at 3 a.m. to head to the airport. My alarm may as

Review: Kilner Fermentation Set

There's a point when I make sauerkraut where it feels like the whole thing is going off the rails. Mine has the traditional cabbage and caraway seeds, but I like to throw an onion in there and something about the latter steers the whole thing into off-putting deep-funk territory at

The 6 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers You Can Buy

Cold brew coffee, if made right, is simply divine. It’s the smoothest, loveliest summer refreshment I've ever had. Sadly, it always tastes better at the coffee shop or from a bottle. I've found that homebrew can be incredibly tricky to get just right.So many guides and products seem to have

Review: Meater

If it was up to me, my ideal grill would be one that could capably cook low and slow and and also be able to turn on the jets for a hard, fast sear. There'd be a nice-sized table next to it and space for my tools. The icing on

Are Air Fryers Worth It?

A few months back, I went to a kitchen appliance trade show and was surprised by the large number of manufacturers coming out with air fryers. "Enjoy great tasting fried food"[sic] reads the cover recipe booklet for Philip's new Airfryer XXL, a lovely sounding idea. With their focus on faux