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Easy does it: seven simple new Yotam Ottolenghi recipes

These dishes from my latest book make cooking fun, relaxing and deliciousOne persons idea of cooking simply is the next persons culinary nightmare. For me, its about being able to stop at my greengrocer on the way home, pick up a couple of things that look good and make something

Rising global meat consumption ‘will devastate environment’

Analysis suggests eating of meat will climb steeply and play significant role in increasing carbon emissions and reducing biodiversityRising global meat consumption is likely to have a devastating environmental impact, scientists have warned. A new major analysis suggests meat consumption is set to climb steeply as the world population increases

How to roast a chicken? The answers are horrifying

Roasting chicken is supposed to be simple. It is supposed to be easy. It is notI hate roasting chicken. There, I said it. Eating roasted chicken, however, I like. I like forking juicy breast and gnawing luscious thigh and taking big bites of just skin. I like exploring the carcass