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Joint support: left and right in rare agreement on cannabis

Two-thirds of the US favor marijuana legalization, making it one of the least divisive issues in the countryWith the US weeks away from the most contentious midterm election in at least a generation, Americans of all political persuasions increasingly want marijuana to be legal. Two-thirds of the country favor recreational

If Ted Cruz comes to dine at your restaurant, what should you do?

After the senator was recently chased out of a restaurant by local activists, the owner didnt want to take sides. But was that the right business tactic?Ted Cruz, the Republican senator from Texas, doesnt necessarily have the reputation of being the coolest guy around. Nor do his political views resonate

Goop to pay out over unproven health benefits of vaginal eggs

Gwyneth Paltrows company has agreed to pay $145,000 to settle allegations of unscientific claimsGoop, the new age lifestyle and publishing company founded by the actor Goops website still claims that inserting the eggs into the vagina helps cultivate sexual energy, clear chi pathways in the body, intensify femininity, and invigorate

Inside the secret network providing home abortions across the US

A secret network of women is working outside the law and the medical establishment to provide safe, cheap terminationsOn a winter morning, Anna* walked the aisles of an herbal medicine store, picked up a bottle each of blue cohosh and black cohosh, along with a plastic bag of pennyroyal tea,